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July 3, 2009 at 4:43 pm | Posted in Illegal Immigration | 4 Comments
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For my first post, I’m going to start with the topic of  Illegal Aliens(aka, undocumented workers) in our United States.  Forgive the sloppy post, I promise more well built posts later, with quotes and links and political undertones(and overtones) and hopefully a few things to rile a few people up.

I live in California, where there are many, many, many immigrants. I would venture to guess there are more illegal than legal. Where I work there are quite a few, within all departments. Most of my co workers are immigrants into our country. I know a few and am friends with a few more and would do anything I can to help them. But I’m going to tell you what set me off today. This dude started at the same position as me, his name was authentic(non american sounding); anyway, I jumped up a few promotions and am not happy with my bosses so I’m already in a terrible mood. So, I get the schedule for next week and see some new name on it, and have not been told about any new employees. I ask around and only 1 person knows who this new guys is….you guessed it, that dude. He says, “Oh yeah, that’s me.”

I’m like, wait…I thought your name was blah blah, he said, “yeah…now I’m Blah Blah.”

But how?? Well he said he had been using a buddy’s name to work here until he sorted out his “papers.” WAIT WHAAT??!! And today he is going to the DMV to take his CDL test(big rig license).  Well I asked around and found out that people will use someone else’s SSN and name to work, then come tax season the real person gets the tax return as “payment” for letting the undocumented worker use the information.  I had a heart-attack.   Seriously, this shit is happening all around me.  I just realized that I had seen this exact thing before.   Where a guy would have one name a few weeks and then I’d see him signing a new name.  I didn’t realize this crap was happening until the dude today.  Well some government agency(ies) is(are) going to get a phone call from me today, this has got to stop.

Thanks for reading, hope I didn’t offend anyone.  The posts will get better I promise.


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