Obama, I mean…NOBama

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Before Obama was elected, people couldn’t recall any specific accomplishment to his name. They could however tell us how well he speaks, “uh I uh well uh um well I ….” really? They said he was going to bring change, of course…isn’t that what all candidates say? They could tell us how nice he, how well he dresses or even how beautiful his wife is. I bet now his supporters, or lack thereof could name some of his ”accomplishments.”

I Knew from the start that this guy was a flash in the pan. All show and no go. Sure he has charisma and energy but that is what we need in entertainers, and that’s not what we need in our President. What we needed was a conservative, patriot and someone who makes smart choices and keeps his promises(not that we want Obama to keep all of his promises); what we got was a president who won’t salute the flag during the National Anthem(turn sound down), a president who apologizes to foreign countries for the previous president’s actions(France, Iraq/Iran), a president who wants to be like p-diddy and throw parties all the time.

Ok, lets get down to it, what did Obama tell us and what has he done. First, of his 514 ‘campaign promises’, 75% of them have not been worked on. A lot of them I could care less about, like any of the green ones, I think all environmentalists should take a long walk off of a short pier. Scientists, real scientists, have proven that the oceans of the world emit more CO2 in an hour than all of the cars in the world will in a year(checking source). Global warming is a god-damned FARCE!!!

How about his economic plans and bills to date. TARP anyone? Obama stated that if the economic ‘stimulus’ passes, then the unemployment rate will not rise above eight percent, well on paper its already 9.5% but the real number is probably more like 20%. 9.5% is the people who are filing for unemployment benefits, which is about half of the unemployed people in America. How about lowering the deficit, uh he has already quadrupled it. When President Bush left office the deficit was 400 billion or so, so far big O’s deficit is already over 1.6 trillion and projected to hit 2.8 trillion(as of me typing this); nice cut dawg. Now I move on to ‘Cap and Trade’ or as Mark Levin puts it “Tax and Kill.” This program is essentially going to make our energy bills skyrocket; please refer to my statement above about global warming. Cap and trade is a ploy by the liberal democRATS to get their grubby hands on my money. How about bringing military pay in-line with the private sector, I don’t see anything about his.

Speaking of military, how about making deployments more predictable for troops and their families, reducing the length and frequency of military tours. Did you know that our troops are knowingly under equipped and improperly equipped; also he has yet to make the leader of the National Guard a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff like he promised. He is closing Guantanamo and stopping terror-interrogations, oh wait, I mean “putting an end to torture” of the men who would not give a second thought to killing you, your wife and your children. He is however going to cut back the amount of nuclear weapons we have available to defend our country. Do we really think that Russia is going to cut back their nuclear arsenal? Very doubtful. One thing I have noticed he is working on ‘phasing out the stop-loss program.’ He has pulled troops back from major cities in Iraq; but the insurgents have increased their homicide bombings and attacks on Iraqi police and military forces. Oh and those soldiers he is bringing home, they get to go home and ‘re-train’ so they can head over to Afghanistan.

I’ve gone on long enough, I’ll finish with this:

[Conservatives] support change as reform, as opposed to change as innovation or change as destruction.*

Obama we don’t want your change, we want reform.

*Mark Levin


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